Monday, June 30, 2008

Hundreds and thousands

Justine Larbalestier has written a thousand blog posts! Hmmmm, word counts certainly do accumulate alarmingly on these things--go and see what she says about the appeal of blogging, I quite agree...

(And perhaps more to the point, pre-order yourself a copy of the truly excellent How To Ditch Your Fairy. I am proud to say that I read an earlier version of this in manuscript, and it is altogether delightful--I can't wait to read the final version!)


  1. That's all very wonderful, and I've already congratulated Justine. But I also just got a message from Amazon that The Explosionist has shipped! Yay!!

  2. Hey...happy publication day! I blogged about The Explosionist today on my blog. I hope all the copies get sold out!