Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fur by the yard

At the Times, William Grimes' obituary of absurdist furrier Jacques Kaplan:
Eager to reach younger shoppers, and to amuse himself, Mr. Kaplan designed lower-priced garments in less-expensive material, like wolf and rabbit, creating a new category known as fun fur. He also introduced bizarre furs like zorino, jaguar, wildebeest and gayal, and came up with new uses for them.

He designed fur furniture, commissioned fur art and hired artists like Stella and Anuszkiewicz to help promote his bolder designs. Babe Paley, wife of the CBS chairman William S. Paley, had Mr. Kaplan carpet her bathroom floor in Indian lamb’s wool. A boutique the salon owned across the street sold fur by the yard, which inventive customers used to upholster car seats or line closets.

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