Wednesday, July 16, 2008


From M. O'C. Drury's self-consciously Boswellian contribution to Ludwig Wittgenstein: Personal Recollections, ed. Rush Rhees:
Today he talked to me about his brother Paul Wittgenstein, the pianist. He said that his brother had the most amazing knowledge of music. On one occasion some friends played a few bars of music from any one of a number of composers, from widely different periods, and his brother was able without a mistake to say who the composer was and from which work it was taken. On the other hand he did not like his brother's interpretation of music. Once when his brother was practising the piano and Wittgenstein was in another room of the house, the music suddenly stopped and his brother burst into the room saying, 'I can't play when you are in the house. I feel your scepticism seeping under the door."

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