Thursday, January 08, 2009

38p a packet

Trial Walkers Crisps flavors include Cajun squirrel and fish-and-chips:
Emma Rushin, a 26-year-old housewife from Belper in Derbyshire, burst into tears when she was told that her "builder's breakfast" flavour had made it to the final six.

Ms Rushin, who will put down a deposit on a house if she wins the competition, said: "First you get a hint of sausage, then egg, bacon, and last the buttery toast."

Casting her mind back to November when she learnt that she was in the last six, she recalled: "I think I was in shock for about three days."

After the entries were narrowed down and the finalists selected, food technologists set about creating the flavours in the laboratory, using a mixture of natural ingredients and unspecified "flavouring", which Walkers' head of flavour development, James Stilman, said were "natural flavour compounds" and not e-numbers.


  1. I think flavored crisps (and chips!) are one of the great triumphs of food technology! Though I might not go for the squirrel...

  2. Thanks to my father's enthusiasm for wandering in the back pasture with a shotgun, my mother's warm-hearted insistence that we eat anything he shot rather than render its death wholly meaningless, and the fact that we did not live on a large game preserve, I happen to know what squirrel tastes like. I'd be more likely to sample chips laced with black tar heroin.