Sunday, January 25, 2009

Digital musings

At the NYRB, an interesting piece by Robert Darnton on Google and the future of books.

I am pondering my increasingly pressing internal need for a science-fictional near-future device that will be better than a Kindle and different from an iPhone and will make it magically easy to read the digitized books (most readily accessed as PDF files) in the Gale ECCO without printing out huge wads of pages.

I have consulted the hive mind of the semi-secret cabal of which I am a member, and am tipped off to the Lenovo Thinkpad X-series tablet notebook. Any thoughts? Given that I cannot yet have this or this?

[ED. Forgot to paste in the last couple links - Charlie Stross on why he uses Linux, John Klima on the Espresso self-serve book machine and a Crain's story on early adopters of e-books that I could click through to earlier in the day but that is now only available by subscription (courtesy of Sarah).]

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