Saturday, November 13, 2010

Light reading catch-up (more Kindle)

Another novel from the heavenly pen of Ken Bruen, The Devil.

Sigrid Nunez' lovely novel (could have been published as YA!) Salvation City; she is always worth reading, this one is startlingly different in tone and subject matter from the last book of hers I read but it is of a kind I very much like.

Camilla Lackberg's The Ice Princess: not bad but a bit so-so.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes's Raised By Wolves, highly readable but built more on a paranormal romance chassis than on a young-adult or urban fantasy one.

And a non-Kindle tome: Jilly Cooper's Jump. Not a patch on the best of her earlier books, but still an enjoyable read. It is no discredit to the book as a whole to say that she writes animal characters particularly well, and that the star of the cast is a goat!

I continue to languish in bed with a highly undesirable and glumness-inducing lung ailment...

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  1. Sorry to hear about the cold; hope you get better soon. Tangentially, I'm struck by the aptness of "glum" for chest conditions -- maybe it's the echoes of clump, lung, phlegm, gum, etc. It's even better than that (synonymous) Scots word "glunch" [e.g. Allan Ramsay's "But when ane's of his merit conscious, / He's in the wrang, when prais'd, that glunshes."]