Wednesday, November 17, 2010


At Largehearted Boy, Martin Millar's playlist for Lonely Werewolf Girl sequel Curse of the Wolf Girl, which I cannot wait to read but which I must wait for until I am either (a) back in the continental U.S. or (b) able to get it electronically. In my opinion Martin Millar is a Genius of Literature...


  1. It is awesome!!! I reviewed it for my Oct column and adored it - just as much fun as the first and closes up any tiny lingering loopholes and is just about the best sequel I have read in ages as far as continuing the story while introducing all sorts of new characters/issues.

    He's bloody brilliant. (I would send you my copy but I got only one and frankly - don't want to part with it!)

  2. I love the covers for those two books, but I suspect--Jenny, you probably can tell me if I'm wrong--that they're not for me?