Thursday, November 04, 2010

Three weeks

until the official publication of Invisible Things.

Here's an early review (the discussion in the comments thread makes me laugh and shake my head - authors have no control over covers!), and I'll post links as other stuff comes up, including entries in the forthcoming Traveling to Teens blog tour.

I won't be blogging regularly at the site I used for The Explosionist, as it seems to me to make more sense to consolidate my efforts here, but I'll probably use the sidebar there to keep track of interviews and online reviews. I've also just posted the author's note over there, as it wasn't included in the ARCs that went out this summer.

(I am pleased to know that US residents can pre-order a Kindle edition!)

1 comment:

  1. I am hoping to include it in my Jan column (it fits the theme then). I do still shake my head over the cover though. Regardless of whose decision it was...what would possess a publisher to depict two different models for the same character? As a reader this sort of thing drives me insane; as an author I'm sure it is doubly so for you!