Sunday, April 24, 2011


"As long as you train them, they really like to do it": competitive rabbit jumping in Scandinavia! (Via Carrie Frye.)

Fiendishly busy for the next week and a half, so much so that I do not quite know how it is all going to get done. There probably won't be much blogging as I am too busy even to be at the computer!

Good things this weekend: a talk about disfigurement, disability and eighteenth-century poetic form by one of my intellectual and academic role models, the excellent Helen Deutsch, and a very lovely dinner afterwards at a colleague's house; Thomas Bartlett's musical salon at Poisson Rouge (it was a birthday celebration for my friend and former student Evans Richardson, and this is the set list), and a party afterwards in an uptown location for once (123rd and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. - I could walk home)!

Off shortly to family Easter celebration in New Jersey. Chocolate coconut cream eggs may be involved...

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  1. Thank you so much for the kaninhop link! I love it.