Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Caught red-harded

In case you're mildly curious, this is the picture of the arrest of CIA agent Martha Peterson (from the funny little pamphlet I got at the KGB museum in Moscow in the summer of 2000) that mesmerized me and made me want to write a spy novel set in Moscow in the 1970s.


  1. A totally unrelated question: if a student e-mailed you with significant challenges about the nature and worthiness of a particular style/era/national grouping of literature, say the particular style/era/national grouping that is supposed to be read for a particular course, and say such particular student shows genuine gropings toward truth/answers despite a somewhat dismissive tone.

    Do you consider it, inappropriate/appropriate then, for you to summarily and without any elaboration tell the student to drop the course?

  2. [ok, I'm totally distracted by anonymous to whom I'd cheekily reply, simply, yes.]

    That IS a fine photo.

    I'm just striving to READ a few spy stories--the genre I say I love but never quite get to....

  3. What's the backround of the case?

  4. You may find it amusing to know that this woman is alive and well, and really quite cool. She is a friend of mine, or, really, a friend of my wifes. I just spent last weekend with her. I was searching for info on her, which led me here. And she showed me every newspaper about this. Fascinating!