Saturday, February 24, 2007

Victorian novels all scrunched up

Susan Lumenello has a nice little piece about Edward Gorey in the current issue of Harvard Magazine. Here's the amazing illustration (the photo is credited to Steve Marsel Studio Inc.--oh, dear, I wish I had a lot more pets, but it is simply not practical--and I apologize to those of you who are still using dial-up modems, it has annoyingly been Picture Week round here...):

[Picture removed at photographer/copyright holder's request.]


  1. Chouette!

    Thank you for posting the photo -- it's great.

  2. My name is Steve Marsel. I am both the photographer and copyright holder of the photography of Edward Gorey you have posted on your blog. Please take this photography off your blog. You have neither paid for it's use or asked permission for it's use. Please respect the copyright and the property of others.

    Thank you!

    Steve Marsel