Saturday, February 24, 2007


I so want to read Tom McCarthy's Remainder, appealingly reviewed here by Liesl Schillinger at the NYTBR.

In fact for some reason the Book Review is full of things I want to read today (nice selection of reviewers, too): here's Stacey D'Erasmo on Andre Aciman's novel (which I've got right here, and want to read as soon as I can, it looks quite lovely and he is an extraordinarily good writer--read Out of Egypt too if you haven't already, I am constantly recommending that book to people); Paul Gray on Louise Dean; William Boyd on Ishmael Beah and child soldiers; other good things...

It would be funny if I just went and put all those books in my Amazon cart, funny but stupid as I've got a vast heap of books waiting to be read already (but I am totally going to get the McCarthy, that one sounds like a top-of-the-piler).

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