Saturday, February 17, 2007


Juliet Hughes has a great profile of Terry Pratchett at The Age. My idea of heaven right now would be to lie around for three days rereading my favorite Discworld novels--my other idea of heaven would be to have two months to write a good chunk of a new novel--my third idea of heaven would be to go for a ten-mile run and to be magically able to swim a reasonably fast mile in the pool without stopping--all equally unobtainable in the near future, I fear. But if I am patient they will all come about in moderate amounts of time (months rather than years, I think--not sure about the mile swim, or at least it depends what you mean by reasonably fast, but the other ones for sure and even the mile seems obtainable if you think of it as a matter of building up from smaller increments, it is amazing how much better I can swim now than I could six weeks ago).


  1. You're inspiring me to get back to swimming! Although now a quarter just about finishes me off, there have been many years of my life when I swam a mile several times a week without feeling done-in by the end. Those were times when I didn't have many family or work obligations: even when it's routine, long-distance swimming is still time consuming. The fastest I think I've managed, when I was in my best shape, was maybe 30-40 minutes. It was wonderfully meditative, but when you also factor in travel time to and from the pool it gets to be a scheduling challenge, which is why I stopped, I guess.

    I was always completely, compellingly starving when I got out.