Monday, December 08, 2008

Fishy business

Dinner was incomparably better than the play.

(For those following at home with rumbling stomachs: I had the pesci azzuri appetizer [marinated sardines with peperonata, grilled sardines with capers, raisins and pinenuts, marinated anchovies with preserved blood orange] and the Sicilian-style fish stew; we had a delicious verdicchio, which my grandfather picks mostly because it is the kind of wine I particularly and ignorantly like - light and sparkly! - and for dessert I had toasted pistachio gelato with almond milk and pear sorbetti - that is three separate flavors, with delicious waffle cookies. The plate of petits fours they bring at Esca is utterly delicious - they are very understated to look at, nothing Ritz-like or pastryish in an excessive way, more like biscotti and lemon cake and sesame biscuits, but we always eat up every bite by the time we are ready to leave!)


  1. (on the subject of the Explosionist from nov 30th )well, i am excited for it whenever it gets out. I am writting a paper on your book for school and I would be delighted if you told me more about Sophie, like if you based her off of anyone you know.
    by the way i dont mean to be anonymous i just dont have a google/blogger thing

  2. Hi – if you write me an e-mail to, I wil write you back an answer – without an e-mail address for you, I can’t really say anything!