Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Petrol pump

Compulsive swearing - in sign language. (Via The Dizzies.)

NB Personal Days has been getting some great end-of-the-year attention, including a prominent spot on Time's top ten novels of 2008 list (I cannot use the expression "fiction books," sorry - I guess they use it to cover stories as well as novels - "fictions" would not be quite accurate either - but still, it is almost as bad as "fiction novels"!) and on Edward Champion's also.

I am not going to write a top ten, since I seem to have read very few books this year, but if I have a quiet moment over the weekend I'll skim back through this year's blog posts and put up some holiday book recommendations of one kind or another.


  1. author recommended: Amelie Nothomb

  2. Personal Days was great. It should win something. I'll probably never read 2666 because from the reviews I've read, I don't think I'll like it. But the other day at the drug store my purchase came to $26.66 and the lady said I should play that number on Lotto's Win 4. Thinking of the book, and the unlikely event that that number would come up while a popular book with that title was out, I played it, to no avail. I'd play it again, but I don't want another cashier to mistake me for Alestair Crowley, "the wickedest man in the world", whom Hemingway mistook for a be-caped Hillaire Belloc.

  3. Jenny, I'd love to hear some recommendations, if you find a moment!