Friday, December 05, 2008


D-Day is next Friday.

Today I bought ten boxes at the hardware store.

Demurring at hardware-store box prices, I subsequently cadged eleven more boxes from a pleasant fellow at the liquor store. These boxes are in any case more appropriately sized for books, even if they carry a faint and mysterious scent of the grape....

I learned that the local branch of the public library will accept book donations. I loaded up the shopping cart and a couple of carrier bags and now have a tax receipt for 33 hardcover and 55 paperback books (the first of about three or four similarly sized loads, I am hoping). They were excited to get a good haul of newish hardcovers for this weekend's Holiday Book Sale!

(And I can donate clothes, bedding and housewares early next week at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.)

I returned c. 40 library books to Butler.

(I also broke the shopping cart - it is not designed for transporting books!)

I haven't started packing, but I am thinking it might be time to take the plunge.

Hmmmm, tip of the iceberg...


  1. Ah, two cubes. Wonderful two cubes! Although perhaps not the favourite boxes of cats.

    Tip of the iceberg... say, doesn't lettuce come in boxes at the supermarket?

  2. Ah, packing. I think I used 40 boxes to move my books. And after saying never again, I'm going to move again next fall. Good luck!