Thursday, April 07, 2005

I have had

extraordinary good fortune for next year--I've got two fellowships that I will hold jointly and that will let me finish my new academic book, barring unforeseen calamity. One's in the Visiting Scholars Program at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, Mass. (I'm looking for a sublet, Sept.-May; if you're reading this and you know of anything promising, drop me a line at jmd204 at columbia dot edu? My aspirational sublet is a furnished studio or one-bedroom in an apartment building not more than 25 minutes walk from the American Academy, costing not more than $1200/mo.; but I'm flexible on details. Cheap and sort of horrible but with a reasonable location is preferable to lovely & lavish & expensive. A furnished apartment, of course, is capable of being horrible in ways that even a quite unattractive unfurnished apartment can't match. And since it's Cambridge and not NY, it is about a hundred times more likely that an apartment will be in a house than a building. But you get the idea.) And the other is this, which I can still hardly believe....


  1. Congratulations from a former student. You fully deserve all the good fortune that comes your way.

  2. Congrats - though we will certainly miss you on the CJLC.


  3. Jenny -- Congratulations! And a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship to boot -- I hope you're feeling proud of yourself! Remember to think of me when you visit Harvard Book Store (it's my favorite bookstore in Cambridge and I went every day while I was a Harvard undergrad... I used to live just a block from it).
    Margaret at Bookish Marginalia

  4. I didn't see this till now but huge congrats on both grants! Amazing news!