Sunday, April 10, 2005

Just got back

from the really excellent Wooster Group House/Lights. It's demented and quite gripping to watch. Kate Valk is an extraordinarily good actress--seriously, she should be a household name, she is both very beautiful and perhaps the best actress I've ever seen perform (well, I'm also remembering Marian Seldes last year in that Beckett-Albee thing, which was the other best in recent years). I was particularly there to see my old friend Tanya Selvaratnam--I'm amazed to think of the days when Tanya and I used to act together (esp. one memorable production of No Exit--Tanya was Estelle of course, I was Inez and Sean Gullette was Garcin, with David Gammons directing). I do have a pang for the theater days, but it wasn't where my talent specially lay I'm afraid. But sometime I am going to write a play...

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