Thursday, April 07, 2005

Just saw

On Golden Pond, with James Earl Jones and various others. Not my kind of play at all, but it's very funny and JEJ is superb.

Light reading: two very enjoyable novels by Victoria Clayton, Past Mischief and Dance With Me (the second is particularly delightful; I like the weird gothic touches in these otherwise very frivolous books; not quite as much to my taste as Eva Ibbotson's novels, but in a rather similar vein and very stylish in the writing); and the long-awaited Magic or Madness, by Justine Larbalestier. I enjoyed the last very much--she's got a great prose style--the only frustration was the inevitable one of reading the first volume in a trilogy and finishing it & being extremely disappointed that it will be a long wait till the next one's out. It rather reminded me of a particular favorite book of mine that I must get and read again, Margaret Mahy's The Changeover.

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  1. Margaret Mahy's Changeover! What a wonderful, wonderful book. Colour me very flattered indeed. I must get it out and reread it right now.

    I feel your impatience about waiting for the sequel, having already written it. Magic Lessons will be out in March 2006.