Monday, April 18, 2005

Just finished

a crime novel I liked a lot, The Dead Sit Round in a Ring by David Lawrence. It's really good--at first I couldn't shake the feeling of how similar it is to other recent grungy London law-enforcement underworld novels (think Mark Billingham, Simon Kernick, Mo Hayder) but it's really well-written, both in terms of style and plot, and it is set apart from those others by having an appealing and persuasively characterized female detective as its main protagonist. This should be a really good series--I expect the next one must be out by now?

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  1. It is indeed out, at least in a UK paperback edition. Think the US pub date for NOTHING LIKE THE NIGHT is sometime this fall.

    I liked DEAD SIT ROUND as well but thought it overlong; Lawrence writes really well though and Stella Mooney's got the alcoholic angst thing down awfully well.