Sunday, May 21, 2006


but happy: I am back in New York for good (well, for the foreseeable future at any rate), and my brother's wedding this weekend in Philadelphia was quite lovely. I'll do a longer post later in the week once I've got a few pictures.

Meanwhile I will only say that I did indeed buy The Hard Way at the airport in Boston and it was just as delightful as I hoped. In my opinion Lee Child is a complete genius. Seriously, these books are the perfect escapist reading and yet they're done so intelligently and so appealingly that they ascend to the very highest tier of light reading. I really, really love them; the lightness of Child's touch, the insane appeal of Reacher (I am still saying Russell Crowe for the film version), the intelligence and sureness and imaginative-tv-producerish-scenario-making brilliance of the writing are just perfect. Smart, self-aware and quite compulsive reading (in fact I will say what for me is a huge thing which is that these books are considerably better than even the very best novels of Dick Francis). And after I finished I handed this one on to my non-married brother because he has been just as addicted as I am, ever since I gave him a copy of One Shot last year.

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  1. Funny thing about Lee Child. Brilliant, almost fautless plotter ("One Shot" for example) and, yes, unexpectedly self-aware, often writes beautifully too - but I just can't ignore the sexist fantasy element. His Jack Reacher hero is still such a thoroughly old-fashioned archetype that I can't quite ever suspend po-faced judgement. Basically, I annoy myself with this reaction!