Thursday, May 11, 2006

Short story & novel

An interesting and polemical piece by Elif Batumann at the n+1 website. I've been thinking about very similar questions this year, though I certainly take a more optimistic view of the contemporary American novel (if we can even speak about such a thing). Glad to see her single out Joyce Carol Oates for praise. . . .

I assume this is excerpted from the new issue of the magazine, which I'm very much looking forward to reading; but I let my subscription lapse because I was about to move, and then I borrowed issue three from a friend, and then there was no way to re-subscribe starting with issue four as opposed to three, and now I can start with issue four but I have to wait till I'm back in my New York apartment so that it doesn't go to the black hole of mail-un-forwarding land.

It is ridiculous, I have behaved this year as if my entire life was on hold just because I was not living in my own real apartment. Enough of that nonsense! Every day is real life!

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