Thursday, August 10, 2006

At the LRB

Andrew O'Hagan has a great little essay on the trial that's riveted Scotland recently; also, August Kleinzahler on what's in the news and Steven Shapin on Bill Buford's culinary adventures. I should really get an actual subscription to the LRB, the stuff they put up for free on the website is consistently excellent (I think of Jenny Diski as the ultimate LRB contributor).

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  1. Ahhhh nostalgia. It seems to find its most comfortable resting place in the kitchen, such that it even anesthetizes/valorizes the burns and the cuts. It really irritated me to read about this book because you know only the most privileged can romanticize labour. My mother owns a restaurant and I know she'd be quite happy to never see the inside of her kitchen again. Still, a beautifully-written review. I really must subscribe to LRB too. Wonder if you can write it off as a research expense.

    Love your site!