Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Top ten genre-defying novels

Kit Whitfield lists her top-ten genre-defying novels at the Guardian, and it's a most appealing assortment (she's got one of my particular favorite Margaret Atwood novels, and Gillian Bradshaw, and Ira Levin, and an Antonia White novel that I've always meant to read and will certainly now get hold of on the basis of its description here).

I find these lists-with-commentary very revealing, I often decide that I will or won't read someone's novel based on how congruent or not a list like this is with my own tastes. As it happens (thanks, A.!), I've already got an advance copy of Whitefield's novel Benighted on the to-be-read pile, perhaps it should go up to the top now.

(NB this is one of those books that seems to have different titles for US and UK release--I suppose prudery says you can't have Bareback as your US title. I am opposed to alternate titles, I have too often been heartbroken at the library after having requested and eagerly awaited an unread book by a favorite author to realize it's actually something I have already read under another name.)


  1. your link to the Guardian piece should be to http://books.guardian.co.uk/top10s/top10/0,,1839749,00.html

  2. Oh, sorry, I've got the Guardian link where the Amazon link should be and vice versa--I'm afraid I'm too lazy to fix it, those link paste-ins are still annoyingly fiddly though I now do them in haste....

  3. Or just as frustrating: I've even ordered a copy of a novel without checking carefully, only to find it was one I already owned under an alternate title. And this more than once (I'm a slow learner).