Wednesday, August 30, 2006

At the TLS

Siddhartha Deb on William Boyd's new novel Restless. I love Boyd's fiction, he is sometimes a bit Anthony Burgess-like i.e. writing novels of variable quality but at his best he's absolutely what I love: Armadillo is the perfect literary-light reading hybrid (and also one of English-language literature's great novels of insomnia); Brazzaville Beach is my favorite novel about chimpanzees and human society (it's really a great read, excellent female character too, reminds me of some of those Iain Banks books I like so much).

Also of note: Dinah Birch on Philip Waller's book about literary afterlives in late Victorian Britain; and Victor Brombert on Frederick Brown's Flaubert biography (I've got to get that one, it sounds great and I've got a thing for Flaubert in any case).


  1. how serendipitous - I keep on passing a bookseller on broadway who prominently features his copy of brazzaville beach...I've long been curious but by the time I get home I always seem to forget to Google it. Thanks in advance for the tip...

  2. oh, you must buy it and read it, i hope you love it....