Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Sixth World Conference on Animal Breeding

David Bellamy on Gerald Durrell at the Times Online. I was completely in love with My Family and Other Animals when I was a child, Durrell and Jane Goodall were my heroes and this book in particular just reduced me to tears of laughter & wishful thinking about the animals I would like to have if I lived in a villa on Corfu. It is really an altogether delightful book (when I was a teenager I read a ton of Lawrence Durrell too, but I think his stuff has dated rather more drastically, and also I was horrified by various revelations about his family life in an issue of Granta that printed some letters written by his daughter Sappho, who committed suicide; and of course LD was completely scathing about GD's populism & humor, he was a modernist-leaning literary snob); I must get it and read it again....

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