Monday, October 30, 2006

I desperately want

a copy of John Marks' forthcoming novel Fang Marks, which does not seem to exist on Amazon but is praised by James Hynes in an excellent top-ten list of Halloween recommendations at Maud Newton's ever-delightful blog (oh, and I am glad to see Ira Levin get his props too, that guy is sort of an unsung genius these days & deserves a huge resurgence in popularity).


  1. sorry to nitpick... the book is actually called Fang Land.

  2. I am a total idiot! How did I do that? But it is still not showing up on Amazon...

  3. God, Jenny, you are just like Susan Barr -- you are quite patently NOT an idiot as I tell her far too often!

    Jenny "as in speed of" light "reading and thoughts".

    And totally with you on Ira Levin. One of my very favourites from long long back. Always thought it was a pity that he did not write more. I read that book with the twist (forget title, not going to Amazon to check, but the one with the three sisters and the one guy...) when very young and it blew me away. Totally cliched these days of course, but I loved it! Have read everything else he wrote, script, book, seen movies, etc.

  4. The title's one word. Fangland. Here's the link: