Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The technological sublime

Jill Owens interviews Richard Powers at Powell's. He says some things about voice that make me unbelievably impatient to read The Echo Maker: I've got it right here, am hoping if possible to squeeze it in somewhere this weekend....


  1. A fantastic interview, but then Powers is the extremely rare bird - a true literary genius. He is not an a writer to squeeze in, however, but to be read slowly, with attention to every word choice...

  2. Oh, yes, I don't disagree, but I am impatient! Actually I read "The Time of Our Singing" pretty much in one or two sittings, I found it so compulsive--hoping I will feel the same with this. Then can reread later for finer points.

  3. I am dying to get hold of a copy...

    BTW, THE ROAD (McCarthy) is an interesting read, but I'm not far in yet (sneaking ten pages at a time at the local Starbucks/B&N).