Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blood, lipids, marrow

A wonderfully morbid story at New York Magazine about the deboning of Alastair Cooke and other matters. Seriously Dickensian. That funeral home was pretty near to where I live, too....


  1. Jenny: How is deboning different from boning? When we say we have boned a leg of lamb, we mean we have removed the bone.

  2. Exact same thing as far as I know, but don't you like the sound of the word "deboning"?!? I am too lazy to find a link, but there is a famous essay by Derrida about that whole "de" prefix that doesn't change the meaning of the word--you know, like "dedoublement" (missing accent, sorry, still have never figured out how to get accents in Blogger), which in English is "redoubling" which is not quite as striking.