Monday, October 09, 2006

A pumped-up version of oneself

Adam Liptak at the New York Times tells the story of a prosecutor whose self-published novel got her bumped from a case that bore a close resemblance to the one in her book. What I like: the brief quotations from the novel.

“Intoxicating Agent,” which Ms. Dudley paid to have printed, is made notable by Ms. Dudley’s acknowledgment to a local newspaper that her fictional heroine was “a pumped-up version” of herself.

Ms. Danner, Ms. Dudley writes, has “the poise and sexiness of a dancer, the brains of a scholar and the protective passion of a mother.”

“She had always been attractive,” Ms. Dudley continues, “but now, having reached middle age, experience, confidence and poise further enhanced her beauty.”

Oh dear.... Not that there is anything wrong with the wish-fulfilling main character thing, lots of good crime novels have idealized versions of the author in the place of investigator.

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