Sunday, December 31, 2006

The fruit pie autopsy

Paul Collins at Weekend Stubble on food long past its sell-by date (including chocolate rations from the Boer War).


  1. great link! i happened to read it just now after reading an old nytimes article about the good side of being messy (saying yes to mess, dec. 21, 2006)have you seen this article?. as i often keep food too long and find it to be edible anyway, this was a great find and the photos are delicious... thank you!

  2. I find this rather abhorent/grotesque/amusing and maybe even irreverent...

    harry potter porn lol

    "His hands moved up to hold Harry's startled face, and in the space of a next heartbeat he was kissing Harry, hard and full on the lips, his manner deeply passionate, hopelessly desperate -- What just happened? He knew bloody well what just happened.

    He just kissed Harry Potter, that's what happened. The thought of it made him nauseated, even though at the very same time an entrenched part of him yearned for the perverse, forbidden pleasure of it all over again. "

    I'm amazed how angry people get over something so innocent.