Thursday, December 21, 2006

My favorite indie publisher

Richard Nash of Soft Skull Press is interviewed at Conversations in the Book Trade. I would know that guy's voice anywhere.... (Thanks to Bookdwarf for the link.)

This also seems the time to mention that my other favorite independent publishing house has its website back up with lots of good new features. Go and take a look--it's Serpent's Tail, and they've got free international shipping, and they publish a ton of amazing books including those of Heather Lewis and Charlie Williams and Ken Bruen and also Lionel Shriver's Double Fault which is a book I loved.


  1. He does have a distinctive voice, doesn't he? I bet every single member of the class of '92 could recognize it from across a crowded (dining) hall.

  2. Oh, yes; but amazingly it comes through when his words are transcribed on the page also!

  3. I love Softskull! They published Heredity, which is an amazing book. Also a story collection by Maggie Estep, which I liked.