Tuesday, January 16, 2007

An appealing phrase

(sometimes a strange sequence of words just catches your eye) in this week's NYT Dining section article about the thus-far inadequate food at Starbucks: "[A]ccording to Tom Miner, 'The food has to be fast, it has to be handheld, and No. 1 across the board is egg and cheese on a bread carrier.'"

Egg and cheese on a bread carrier!

(What I like: the way that the emphasis on the first syllable of carrier is just a little bit different than if you had the word carrier by itself or the more conventional "bread carrier" as in a person or vehicle who carries bread--"bread CARRier" rather than "BREAD carrier.")


  1. I felt the need to blog about this the other day. I still can't stop thinking of bread carriers.

  2. I love that phrase! I also love your explanation. It's so fun to come across little intriguing turns of phrase.