Saturday, January 20, 2007

Really I have no bohemian tendencies

and I like a nice quiet life in an apartment building where the super will come and fix anything that goes wrong with the plumbing on a moment's notice--I am against drugs and free love!--but Allen Salkin has an awfully appealing profile of R. Crumb and his wife Ms. Crumb in the Times and it is hard not to fantasize momentarily about Crumb-style life in a medieval castle in the south of France...


  1. Against drugs and free love? How could this be? I was so in love with your brain before reading this post, and now I find that our souls may have nothing in common. Apparently the soul does not live in the cerebral cortex. Or maybe just not in the left hemisphere, temporal lobe. Are you against perscription drugs too, by the way? A lot of them are poison, but there are some gems out there...

  2. I was sort of laughing at myself as I wrote that aside! Not against them for other people, just for myself...

  3. Glad you liked the story. They don't quite live in a castle, but it is nice. -- Allen Salkin