Monday, January 08, 2007

A demented corgi

The proprietor of The Dizzies recognized the names in one of my earlier posts as having appeared in the poem "Teen Spies" from our dear friend Jane Yeh's wonderful book Marabou.

Without further ado, I give you Jane Yeh's "Teen Spies":

Elijah, Helen, Paul, and me
Clocked the cat by the bikesheds.
1.43. Kept an eye
Peeled for falsies. Hid in the bushes from Aunt Kay.
Made a dead letter drop and drank Russian tea.

I'm the smallest; Elijah is our control.
Our mission? That's undercover for now. We can't tell
How this enigma will unfold, but we're so full
Of energy we can't come down.

We've got our own lingo and wear special suits--
Study the codebook, radio for supplies,
Draw our cryptic pictures, stay up all night.
We kill time waiting for our lives to start

With log notes:
Saw a demented corgi piss
On someone's shoe. Shadowed DF back
To his flat. Observed a parrot sat
On someone's head. I am past

seventeen and have never been kissed.

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