Sunday, January 14, 2007

The life of a professional novelist

Neil Norman profiles William Boyd at the Independent. (I am not sure this is the piece to win over the Boyd hold-out, it is rather adulatory in a fairly funny way, but Boyd's fiction really is absolutely excellent.)

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  1. Am halfway through Restless and will finish today. With just about any other writer this book would have pissed me off big-time because I detest the structure of one chapter to one character, next chapter to 2nd character, next chapter back to first, next chapter to second, etc. His device about reading a story about a character rather than it being first person makes it more palateable (sp) but I have quit a lot of books in my life because of the structural lack of interest and grade C- for ingenuity. But William Boyd gets a free pass. I am absolutely loving the book and stretching it out to last 2 sessions. It is one of those books where I am so sorry I am reading it because I will never again have the joy of reading it for the first time again. I also think Brazzaville Beach is in that category although I have re-read it.