Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Children of Hurin

provides John Crace with irresistible material for his Digested Read:

"Forsooth," he swore. "Henceforth shall I remain a derivative Wagnerian hero and wander mindlessly through the realms of Middle-Earth on a quasi-symbolic quest and, Children of the Eldar, resolve only to talk in sentences of unspeakable leadenness, punctuated by manifold parentheses."

Really of course this is too easy a target, none of this will stop lots of people from reading & greatly enjoying the book...


  1. Dave Lull sent me a link to this article, also. I don't find these kinds of things amusing, but I think teenage boys do, based on the number of Harry Potter, Bored of the Rings etc joke books around the girls' cousins' house in York.

    Which leads me onto a non-sequitur, is there a single word for "people who are cousins of your children/nephews and nieces of your husband"? "Cousins in law". (Please bear in mind when answering this question that I am allergic to the term "husband".)
    This question is worth 10 marks to your A level score.

  2. That was supposed to be a question mark after "cousins in law"? I don't know the answer, but if there is one, I am sure you do, Jenny.

  3. ...But it rules, it develops culture to fifteen year mentalities, and Tolkein's gone. We must perdure dwarf-hobbled and Laxigar-named.

    The Hood Company