Tuesday, April 03, 2007


David Thomas interviews Lee Child at the Telegraph. (Thanks to Sarah for the link.)

I am so excited to read the new Jack Reacher novel that in a fit of insane extravagance I totally Amazon UK'd it late on Sunday night, I am hoping it might arrive in time for a train trip I have to take on Saturday.

(Who am I kidding? The minute that book turns up I am reading it, I will never have the self-control to save it for traveling! Arghhh....)

Blogging's going to be very light round here for some weeks to come, I am unprecedentedly deadline-hemmed-about in a not very pleasant way; but I've got an exciting non-literary announcement, just waiting for a photo to accompany it, should have one by Thursday.

The genius of Lee Child's Jack Reacher books, BTW, is that they are so lightly handled--intelligent, not at all condescending, grippingly perfect escapist fiction. After I finish the last bits & pieces & revisions on the two books that are due in the next two months and write the two following books that are most immediately pressing I am so going to write my Upper Manhattan animal-shape-changer escapist thriller, also it is going to have a lot of fitness-related details so as to get some non-athletic mileage out of the amount of time I've been spending training....


  1. A new Reacher already! I really have to thank you for introducing me to him, Jenny, these books are indeed delightful (in a somewhat violent way) and I don't think I would ever have picked them up if it wasn't for your enthusiastic recommendations.

  2. I'm guessing I know what that announcement is: quite small, in need of much care and feeding, and not a cat??