Wednesday, April 11, 2007


At the TLS, Carolyne Larrington reviews Terri Apter's The Sister Knot: Why We Fight, Why We're Jealous, and Why We Love Each Other No Matter What. It's a very interesting piece--I share Larrington's sense that if you are a sister but do not have a sister, much of this sisterly dynamic must remain a closed book....

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  1. interesting. whenever i read or hear from sisters about their sisters etc. i feel like my own experience is so different. reading "the sense that sisters are involved in an endless dialogue with one another about family and character, made possible by shared history and by the elusive tie of blood" i cannot help thinking sarcastically about how little dialogue i have with my sister about anything. she saw my blog when i first started it and pronounced it "self involved" (not realizing that many blogs are that way on purpose..." anyway i have more of those endless dialogues with my nonbiological sisters, my female friends!