Thursday, April 26, 2007

A minor curiosity

for the young-adult-fiction readers among you: I really am totally swimming-obsessed now as well as running-obsessed, I am dreamily (if that adverb can be applied to someone whose thinking happens as if under insane compulsion!) in the grip of future triathlon training that will start casually as soon as I get a bike (in a couple weeks--don't have time now), and in the midst of some internet search I came across this piece by Catherine Gilbert Murdock about the Total Immersion swimming method as applied in the Endless Pool!

These terms will mean nothing if you have not been recently obsessing over triathlon-related swimming (I read one of the Total Immersion books, I found it illuminating but not quite my style--I have found my own swimming guruin any case!), but I was quite delighted (her novels Dairy Queen and The Off Season are on my very, very short list of particularly most favorite young-adult fiction of recent years (well, of fiction generally, really!), in spite of the fact that there is no magic or dragons in them, just a lot of athletic activity--they are really absolutely delightful, I cannot recommend them too highly--the way she handles the first-person voice is exceptional. Maybe she will write a novel about triathlon training, that would make me happy...

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