Thursday, March 06, 2008

Further frivolities

To Alice, Pepperidge Farm tastes like disappointment. Go and read it, it's a geographically oriented baked-goods musing!

I too have strong Pepperidge Farm thrift shop memories...

When we were kids, our father worked for a few years at a company that was also near a Pepperidge Farm "thrift store." Periodically he brought home an amazing and thrillingly exciting haul of stuff--the gallon cartons of goldfish (catering size!), the strange frozen cakes with a weird hump out of 'em that was what led to the thrift-store mark-down...

I must confess, Alice, that my own taste in Pepperidge Farm cookies runs to the non-chocolate ones that are fairly plain--I have been known to eat Chessmen, and I like the Gingerbread Men. Now and again I eye the cakes in the freezer section, but I have not actually tasted one in adult life, and I think it might be better to leave them with the delicious sheen of childhood cake-eating memory!


  1. And I never realized that the cookies were named after European cities, though they were the treats of my childhood! But you can't do better than Sara Lee for childhood frozen cake memories.

  2. The cakes from the freezer section are pretty good. I had forgotten about those. The Chessmen might be redeemed slightly by the variety of pieces represented in the bag, so there's actually some variety among the butter cookies.

  3. I love Mint Milanos, but they can be tricky to find near my apartment. Probably a good thing in the long run.

  4. Goldfish!! (A special treat from the US for years, now available locally.)