Sunday, March 09, 2008

Life changed by Harry Potter

At the Times, Adam Rogers on Gary Gygax and the world he created. There's a great chart! I always feel slightly sheepish that I did not seriously play either video games or fantasy role-playing games as a child, it seems very much the kind of thing I would have liked only I was always excessively book-oriented--but a lot of the items on the chart made me laugh, I do indeed remember my handmade Gandalf costume from fifth grade and it is even possible that I used it again the next year...

(And Ed Park has had a good string of Gygax links and remiscences at the Dizzies this week.)


  1. Yes, Gygax's books not so heavily recommended....

    A significant figure to me and many in my circles.

  2. Also now thinking how Gygaxian the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator seems. Compare MBTI classification with description versus, say, AD&D alignment with description.