Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday frivolities

Slightly Cosmo-quizzical--but can you resist the appeal of finding out your personality type? (Mine seems an apt description--but what made me laugh was the list of famous INTJs at the end--who writes these things?!? The selection of fictional characters is particularly farfetched!)

(Via Harley Jane Kozak, author of an altogether delightful string of crime novels that I wholeheartedly recommend.)

In other news, I woke up from a dream yesterday morning in strong possession of the conviction that there was a field called dinosaur casuistry...


  1. Ha! Both Darcy and Hannibal Lecter! This one put me right on the fence between ISTJ and INTJ; changing one answer pushed me into N, whereas every other time I've tested it's been pretty clearly INTJ. Hmm, a function of aging?

  2. Snap, Jenny!

  3. Jenny,

    Thanks for the personality test link. I, too, am an INTJ: rational mastermind! Sounds so sinister. I'd been meaning to put some similar tests up on my blog Wisdom of the West. You might want to check my blog out. I ran a series blogging my close reading of James Wood's How Fiction Works recently.

    I linked to your blog with an appropriate tip of the hat

    Jim H.

  4. ISFJ. However, somehow I don't see myself as all that Ophelia-ish!

  5. Huh. So that's what Harley Jane Kozak's been doing with herself. I was a fan of hers back when she was an actress, but I haven't seen her in anything since 2000 or so.