Thursday, March 27, 2008

Secret friends

At the Sun, Eric Ormsby on Elizabeth Bishop. Also, Otto Penzler praises the Mercantile Library--and it is true, if I worked in midtown I would so have a membership there, it is a most lovely place... (And a heads-up at the back end of the column about Dick Francis's poor health! Hmmm, that is too bad--his name really is enshrined on my very short list of particularly most favorite writers, it's just one of those things, I love those books...)

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  1. Ten years ago I lived in Prague teaching EFL for 3 years and it was really difficult to get books. There was a book shop but too expensive on my teensy teacher's salary. BUT the British Council had a library for teachers and that's where I found Dick Francis (and many other Brit writers--some higher brow, some mystery writers like Ian Rankin and Bill James). I read them all, some more than once. And even now a decade later, with my night table and book tables stacked with library books I just had to bring home, even now I still need a Dick Francis fix...almost always a bookworm's perfect day-in-bed-with-books day.