Saturday, January 01, 2011

Production of quota

c. 1,800 words, for a total of 30,066 words.

It is the end of another section; I am not quite sure whether the next one picks up with the third character of my main three or whether I return to the first one whose point of view I hewed to in the initial pages. Perhaps the latter, with a few weeks' gap in time in which things have happened of which she knows naught and whose consequences/aftermath will generate the energy for the main events of the tragedy? Really I am just thinking out loud!

(I made sure to get up fairly early this morning and go to the cafe to write quota; we have an 11am reservation for 8 people for brunch at the Ritz, and it was clear to me yesterday that I would enjoy that infinitely more if I had done the day's writing beforehand! I will also try and either run or bike later on [traffic is anomalously and exceptionally light on New Year's Day in a way that makes it tempting to try for the latter]; I believe in starting the year as I mean to go on....)

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