Saturday, January 29, 2011

Production of quota

I had gotten almost to the end earlier, but then L. came by to pick me up for an excursion and I had to tear myself away from my desk!

c. 1,600 words, for a total of 61,139 words.

The draft is complete!

There are all sorts of things wrong with it: I do think it will need some sort of a conclusion, and also there are various errors of pacing and plotting that arise from this method of writing without really knowing how things go; that will all need some serious fixing later on. I think I will perhaps just read through it once on the computer tomorrow morning and change any very obvious minor mistakes or misphrasings I see, then put it aside to 'rest'. But it is a huge relief to have such a thing as a draft to work with; revision is certainly arduous in its own way, but it is more compatible with life during a teaching semester, I find the effort required to stay on the system of quota production is really needed for other things in the middle of the school year.

I will probably revise in the weeks after spring break and try and get it to my agent sometime in April; that would be good...


  1. Congratulations! All quite terrifyingly rapid.

  2. It is eminently possible that the revision will take several months and/or that I won't get to it till May - I don't know why I always have this awful feeling of something breathing down my neck and urging me to finish, finish, send out, do something, make something happen - I am sure it would be better if I would just take my time!

  3. #thebookisdone (for now)