Friday, January 21, 2011

Production of quota

c. 1,200 words, for a total of 53,228 words.

+: When I opened Word today, I was offered an autosaved version of the draft from Wednesday that let me reclaim my lost words! They will need to be 'reconciled' later on with the subsequent version; I borrow the metaphor if not the exact word from Robbie Hudson's appealing notion of doing an 'audit' on a novel draft before writing the denouement.

-: Very sleepless night last night - I did sleep in the end from 6-9am or so, which is adequate, but it meant I had to miss morning boot camp, which is troublesome! Think I might whisk myself off to the gym now for a midday session; I have an important 4pm meeting on campus, and various administrative duties to do with my courses for the semester (I am compiling a funny and interesting course reader for the drama lecture that needs to get to the copy shop by the end of the day), but if I wait to exercise until the evening, I risk setting myself up for another night of not being able to fall asleep...


  1. That sounds horrible... as an idle insomniac I can usually afford to push everything back a few hours if necessary. Though that usually just compounds the problem.

    I'm afraid "reconciliation" is, for now, inextricable from the great healthcare war of 2010.

  2. It is the downside of advancing in a profession!