Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Production of quota

c. 1,000 words, for a total of 42,305 words.

There are 19 more days in January, if I can just keep this up till the end of the month and keep the whole shape of the thing in focus I will be looking at a full draft in early February...

(The beginning of the spring semester is always especially busy - we have six job candidates coming in to give talks in the first two and a half weeks or so of term, and I'll need to do meals with some or most of them too. Because of the MLK holiday, I only teach one class next week, on Wednesday, but Monday-Wednesday-Friday early-morning boot camp at Chelsea Piers starts on the 17th regardless: I'm in the 7am rather than the 6am class, but it's still going to be brutal, I am not at all one of nature's early risers! The alarm was set for 8:30 this morning for instance, which seemed reasonable enough, but in practice I turned it off and slept till after twelve. I suppose I hadn't fallen asleep till nearly three, so it is not unreasonable, but I prefer to be on the world's schedule rather than that of the creatures of the night...)

(Postscript: I am hoping to ride my bike down to Chelsea Piers in the early morning once the snow clears, but at least for the first week I am going to have to take a taxi, the height of decadence!)

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