Monday, December 06, 2004

Cyclops and nematodes

Just finished reading Mutants--I literally couldn't tear myself away from it, it's midnight and I've got a big stack of papers still to read but there was no other choice. This is an excellent, excellent book. I think the opening chapters--which focus much more closely on these questions about developmental embryology that I find so fascinating--are the best of all. The later ones felt more familiar in terms of their material, and there are probably other better accounts of gender differentiation and of aging, for instance. But the writing is absolutelly lovely--I can't wait to read what this guy writes next! And there's a very thoughtful conclusion that tackles several highly controversial topics with rare grace and elegance.


  1. Jenny,

    Came here from a comment on Elegant Variation. I'm also a Soft Skull writer, though from an entirely different era, and my novel, Oscar Caliber Gun, isn't on the list anymore. Anyway, saying hello. I'm keeping this site in my sights.

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