Saturday, December 11, 2004

Female noir

I've just read two good novels by Stella Duffy, Calendar Girl and Beneath the Blonde. I'm not wholly convinced that the method both of these adopt--telling a main story about the investigator in alternation with chapters from an initially puzzling point of view, in one case that of the stalker/murderer, in the other that of the murder victim's girlfriend--is the best way of doing things. But the writing's fun, the characters appealing and well drawn and the sensibility's very appealing.


  1. While the Saz books are good, IMO Stella's social satires are incredibly good--huge fan of IMMACULATE CONCEIT (what if a lapdancer was gifted with the responsibility of giving birth to the messiah) and her two most recent books, STATE OF HAPPINESS and February's PARALLEL LIES.

    Really, really adore her writing.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I've got Immaculate Conceit waiting--it looks very, very fun. And of course it is all thanks to you, Sarah, that I know about Stella Duffy at all!

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